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Zoptal aims at bringing the best out of everything. Our expertise in the latest technologies is such that it is there to create a furore in the digital world. Your idea and vision together with our skills in the latest technologies can create a sensation with mind-boggling outcomes. The main agenda for any application development requires graphic designs that work on the norms of UI and UX. It is essential to take care of the intricate details while constructing an app UI design for any model to give the best experience to the users. The outcomes will then turn out to be marvellous as the user will stay hooked to the platform we create.

React Native

All the big names that you see and use which includes Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Pinterestand many such apps are the products of React Native Application. React Native has been gaining momentum ever since its introduction to the Digital World. It has secured a place for itself where now it supports android app development amongst many other platforms which include Ubuntu, Universal Windows Platform (UWP), macOS and more. React Native is one of the most flexible open sources that allow cross-platform mobile app development. It helps in creating web and mobile application development in an efficient way where it gives plenty of room to experiment, re-build, make changes and test innumerable times.

React Native Saves Considerable Time

Our Mobile App Developers have been finding ways and means to deliver clients with the choice of application which adheres to fast and quick results. React Native allows constructing innovative apps and as it is a cross-platform application which works on JavaScript, it becomes a labour-saving job which in return becomes cost-effective. It serves the purpose of both creating fabulous apps and at the same time cutting down the cost which goes easy on the pocket for the client.

Unity 3D

Today, when we talk of any industry, be it be automobiles or commercial projects of any kind, filmmaking or custom web application development for gaming websites or mobile app development with charismatic user experience; Unity 3D solves the riddle. It is growing at a faster pace and is in demand for its engaging extravaganza that keeps the user hooked for hours. What is the purpose of a game if it cannot captivate the player? Unity 3D is such a marvellous platform with the help of which app developer can use it as its laboratory and create artistic gaming application, animation projects, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Games and much more. Unity 3D is the only platform which runs real-time and is flexible with any industry that requires graphics, cinematic and animation.

Unity 3D is eclectic and multifaceted

It is a magical platform that allows the creator to work it with multiple platforms that means it is cross-platform web and app development friendly. The performance of Unity is such that it facilitates programming without hassles and it is quick in presenting sharp and crisp results where the app developer does not have to waste hours and hours to make the application bug free. The graphics and effects are always picturesque that leaves the user mesmerised each time.


Today, Ionic is chosen over native apps as this platform helps immensely in web and app development that have the potential to be called as Next Generation Apps. Ionic is one of the fastest open source platforms that allow cross-platform mobile app development with skyrocketing results. It helps in creating hybrid apps which in simple terms means quality apps that are compatible with any platform and is open to working with any language that the app developer chooses to. In the beginning, Ionic platform worked with AngularJS and Apache Cardova, but now it has included web technologies like CSS, HTML5 and Sass, that makes it convenient for the app developer to use the platform, to its full potential.

Ionic is all about aesthetically pleasing and quality apps

The platform is a free open source Framework that allows building aesthetically pleasing apps with quality graphics and tools that bears a fruitful, colourful and magnificent outcome. All in all, Ionic helps in generating hybrid mobile app programming where application development is savvy to any operating system whatsoever. The one feature that no other platform can surpass as the way it accelerates the functioning of the apps to a level where the user enjoys the speedy application downloads without worrying for systems hanging up.


Phenomenal, flabbergasting and enchanting are the three words that describe Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in the best way. AR and VR though both are inter-related but are massively distinct to each other. AR stands for Augmented Reality app development and as the word suggests it creates an ambience where the user feels that he is an immersive part of the environment that he perceives but is merely an illusion on the contrary. In this manner, AR alters the real world environment projecting augmented reality instead. If we speak about Virtual Reality Applications alone, then it completely replaces the environment with a simulated atmosphere where the user is the virtual-being in the simulated environment himself.

AR/VR is revolutionising the technology in colossal ways

AR/VR is captivating, where it becomes a battle of reality and desires which pumps-up the user to stay anchored to the media. The application is best for gaming apps, but it is now, heading towards other industries as well. Augmented reality app development and Virtual Reality Applications are bringing sensational outcomes where users stay inclined toward using the web and mobile applications that are working on AR/VR. It excites the users to be able to view oneself as part of the reality where one is the object itself.


Leanback as the term denotes; where you sit back in front of your television screens and enjoy the library, watch movies and have a chilling time. Leanback allows the android app developer to convert a mobile app to feature on Android TV. The user will now have the freedom to view any app on their Android television screens where they can enjoy using it with remote control. It becomes a rich experience for the user to be able to view the mobile application on big screens. Such apps become compatible to install and use on any Android television. As Leanback is a User Interface application, it takes care of the UX and UI designing which renders captivating experience.

Leanback is the future of connected Televisions

We are living in an era where social media has become an integral part of our lives. Smart televisions have evolved which calls for applications where the user can use one device for all his social media activities. To make the best use of web and app development in the present times, one needs to gel with Leanback Technology. In this way, the user will have the comfort to use his Android TV screen and carry out activities of his choice.


Wearable Technology has now its roots spread across various industries dealing with health, fitness, fashion and clothing. Wearable, as the name suggests, is a device or a gadget that can be worn to track activities, keep notes and also make calls. Smartwatch, fitness bands and trackers are few of the examples of wearables that are high in demand. Latest wearable tech has now successfully entered the medical sciences where patients dealing with depression, anxiety and other problems can keep their activity and hormone imbalance on a check to ensure a healthier lifestyle. Wearables for depression and healthcare have made a significant place for itself. In the field of navigation too, the latest wearable technologies are pitching in considerable ways.

Wearables Technology is handy and chic!

Wearables are cool gadgets that add to the style and are in trend. As it is of great use, people often find it handy to strap on a watch or a tracker and get going with their day. A wearable can act like your very own personal assistant. A Smartwatch can keep track of your meetings, daily schedules, set reminders, track activity and keep a check on messages and texts. It depends on a gadget that one uses and the features that it provides.

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