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When designing the application for Smart TVs one needs to take care that the app is built for the user to see from a distance of approximately 10 foot. TV applications are different then what one uses on their smartphones, laptops, tablets etc. For Android Development Platforms, Leanback allows the Developer to design applications that adhere to the prerequisites of building apps for TVs. New layouts for the existing apps are necessary if one is deciding to launch for Android TV. A lot of factors that consist of easy navigation from 10 foot away, voice search, browsing through remote control, user experiences etc. have to be looked after or else if any of the things are compromised, the app will be of no use.

Leanback offers immense access to its library that facilitates creativity. There is no scarcity of ideas to what a developer can construct an application with and the way it will function. With the opportunities that Leanback provides like the Android Studio which is the work environment to create the spectacular apps is full of features that can give any shape to an app. Also, it provides with suggestions while creating an application which helps in innovating even more. Build TV recommendation is one of its best feature amongst others which support User Interface (UI) and Interactive Designs. The idea is not only to catch the user attention but also to be of utility or else the app will not last long.

We can turn any existing application for a makeover or build new apps for the best Smart Television Experience.

We don’t just build but innovate!

Whether it is the Fire TV Stick that you are looking for your application or a dedicated hardware device that functions like it, we have all covered! With Dedicated Hardware everything can be channelled where the data stays in the cloud and the user does not have to worry for the disk space. There can be alterations and altercations depending upon the need of the product for which one wants to create the Leanback Android Application. The Search becomes effortless with remote devices where navigation controls can be optimised keeping in mind the ease of access.

We cannot negate the importance of Google Play Services while creating Leanback Applications. Most users will log into Google Play to download the application. The other way is to connect the smartphones with Smart TVs and download the android application. Both way, Google Play facilitates the download much faster and, users are comfortable on this platform more. Custom Applications or not, your business app can be made compatible with any platform. Android TV App is the sure way to expand one’s horizon to further limits as the trends are changing and big screens are much in use for internet browsing.


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