How We Work

We aim for extensive real-time running tests and, checking of backend data and applications to ensure that there are no loopholes left behind. Quality Assurance Process makes it easy to solve the errors before the application or a website, goes live. It is crucial to test the app beforehand or else if the bugs are found later that drops the downloading rate and call for negative publicity. We make sure that the reputation of the Business Brand maintains smoothly by checking every possible sphere to ensure a successful Brand Awareness building a jolting Brand Identity bringing all eyes on you!

What Entails Quality Assurance?



A web or a mobile application will be analysed to check the design, layout, utility, user experience, navigation controls, Keyword rich content and more.


GUI Testing

Graphical User Interface testing means to test the coding behind the symbol, image or any graphic that has a function to perform.


Functional Testing

Relevant tests are performed to check abnormal behaviour of various functions that make the application usable.


Security Test

Establishing a secure connection is a must to prohibit phishing, hacking and loss of significant user sensitive data.


Speed Test

No speed, no use! A website should open in less than 6 seconds and, if an app is slow then, stats show 48 per cent customers uninstall and delete the app.


Deadline Launch

Zoptal is all about commitment! We stay true to our words which mean that we will never miss the deadline.

Quality Assurance sets the channel to allow smooth functioning of the website and mobile application that can take charge and make a name as soon as it hits the Digital Media platforms. Gaming, HealthCare, Food and Taxi Apps are taking over the market like a blizzard that is not ready to settle anytime soon. We are all in to spin the idea in the best possible way to rope in remunerative results.


Why Quality Assurance is a must!

For one simple reason that Quality Assurance stands indispensable is that it helps saving money. How? Well, it is always going to be expensive to fix a bug in the mobile app then to prevent it. The sole purpose of Quality Assurance is to run a series of tests so that we can prevent bugs and the application comes out to be clean offering utility. It helps to maintain reputation and quality of the application or else if there is no coordination then not only the reputation comes at stakes but also the money spent can go down the drains.

Quality Control is the objective of the Engineers. To find out defects and chalk out a plan to flourish the product in the market by not only to focus on leads but also to create trust and credibility among the targeted audience for setting a standard for a Brand Name in the market. When it comes to the codes and numbers, SEO norms and Artificial Intelligence (AI), development and use of the latest technologies, there can be errors that may show up in between the hefty job of creating a web application. It becomes embarrassing if the content on the website is corrupt, dubious and has errors. Crystal Clarity about the Business Philosophy, the various services, features of the Business Entity and working of the application that offers an unrivalled user experience is what Zoptal seeks!

We run tests that ensure steady data flow, server loads and checks, domain security, threat-free environment, secure payment gateway connections, safe and secure in-app purchases amongst various other natures of technical tests. Apart from such tests there come experienced based quality tests as well. These depend on the level of intellect of the QC Engineer. A sharp and experienced mind can catch the loopholes much faster even before anybody else could spot. Our Engineers at Zoptal Solutions are adroit and because they have been working with various technologies at hand, finding a chink is no biggie for us!

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