This is to bring to your notice that we at Zoptal Solutions Pvt. Ltd. take our privacy policy very seriously. In case of the violation by the client or anyone using our service, Zoptal Solutions Pvt. Ltd. holds every right to take legal action against him or her who violates the rules of our policy at any point in time.

At the same time, we take every measure to secure the rights of our clients and people visiting our website or using our services.

Below are the basic guidelines for the user to understand our Privacy Policy in detail. We advise our users to carefully read each and every clause so that they are aware of the necessary guidelines provided for them and know our policy thoroughly.

How & What Information is collected & can be used by our Company?

As soon as you visit our webpage, you will be prompted to “accept cookies”. To offer you better services and a healthy running webpage, we ask the user to “accept cookies” and collect information like IP Address, user information, the type of desktop or device a user is using to browse our website and related information that is automatically fetched by our servers. The reason to collect such information is that every desktop or device runs on a certain kind of platform and accordingly the website is displayed onto the screens. If the platform is unrecognizable by our server, the website will malfunction. Also, the IP address is collected to understand our user and the kind of activity they are performing on our website. This way, the user and the company both stay secure in case of any unlawful deed committed otherwise.

Third Party Links:

Our website can display from time to time third party links. Please note that if a user clicks on any of the links provided on our website which is not under our domain and transfer a user onto another website, the user will come under the horizon of their privacy policy where we will have no longer any control on the security of the user. Though the links will be relevant as per the activity of the user which most commonly can include advertisements, but there can be other links that can direct a user onto another platform. Kindly reach the privacy policy of each website link that you visit thoroughly so that you know your rights and duties.

Why Zoptal Collects Your Information on its Servers?

When a user visits our website, he comes under the supervision of our servers. Every move that the user makes gets recorded on our system. From the time the user spent on our website to the pages that the user viewed, all information is saved on our web servers. Now, why do we do this?

To know the interest of our user:

It is necessary that when a user visits our website, we know what interests the user. We can only help our clients if we know what they are looking for so that we can cater to their needs in the best possible way. It is the demand of the Digital World to continuously work and build strategies that can match up with the current needs of the people. In order to follow up adequately, we collect information so that we know our users and client’s needs.

To give our 100 percent to our clients:

Tracking the user activity on our website will help us improve our services and give our users with 100 percent commitment and provide quality safety standards to them. We continuously come up with strategies that can be useful for our clients from time to time. The digital marketing world is changing at a fast pace which calls for new advancements, and a part of it is to track the user and know their activity on our platforms so that we can update our services and expand in the right direction to provide maximum benefit in return.

To regularly maintain our services available online:

The services that we offer are listed on our website for the user to pick and choose as per their requirements. To maintain our services and keep them available for the user, we regularly check and maintain the working of our website. For this, we keep a note of the user activity and keep the user on our data for a short period of time. Some information can be stored for a longer period if in case purchases and account information is in concern.

To give our best for the user query and match their needs:

Our customer service is available round the clock, but before you can make a query, we will ask for some of your personal details. It will include your name, number and email address. This information will stay on our system so that we can respond with a solution to the query asked as soon as possible. To give our best to answer the query of the user and help them with our needs, we keep the contact information handy so that we can establish a connection with our potential client.


The aim of Zoptal Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is to offer 100 percent quality assurance. For us every penny is worth it and we try to provide ample services for the money invested with us. No matter the nature and sum of the resources invested with our company, for us each client is equally valuable and cherished. We believe in establishing bonds and forming long relations and not just acquaintances. Your happiness and satisfaction is our ultimate aim. We provide unmatched quality assurance in the market.

Quality Control on each of the products built by us:

From mobile apps to websites, software building or ravishing the gaming world, one thing that comes as priority is the quality control and check on the working of these applications. Before launching the product online, we run multiple and a strenuous test of assessing the working of the application and detecting the bugs prior to the launch so that a positive impression of the client is set in the market.

The main reason of quality assurance is to fix any problem prior to the launch. It is embarrassing if a user of the application finds a fault and leaves a negative comment as that will affect the download rate of the application or use of the service. There can be a loss which will affect our client’s productivity which is why we never let go of this step. We think ahead in a way that before a user find a fault or a bug, our team of experts run innumerable tests until fully satisfied that the product is ready to be launched online for the users to use the service and enjoy the application.

Here is what we will do for you:

  • Build each application, software or a website with latest technologies and tools in practice.
  • Digital marketing for an impactful entry of the product in the market.
  • Introduction to the social media to fetch traffic, help make potential clients and generate leads depending upon the nature of the business.
  • Giving exposure to some well-known platforms by link building and other forms of marketing techniques.
  • Complying with Non-Disclosure Agreement and keeping the client safety in mind, each product and idea will stay highly confidential.
  • From estimation of the product to the final result which includes a number of steps like risk planning, strategies, using new technologies, updated software building and more; our client will have full control over every decision made. Your application, your decision! We give our best to help you map your vision on to a virtual reality that will help you fulfill your endeavors in a positive light fetching benefits from all ends.
  • Last but not the least, Offering high-end services and staying available 24/7 for our client’s assistance as per their convenience.

An Important Note for Our Potential Clients:

Zoptal Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Ltd works hard on providing its clients with quality Digital Products and marketing strategies to help them flourish in their business. From e-commerce to a simple landing page websites, we carefully design and implement our techniques to provide the client with maximum benefit for the money invested with us. We would like to inform our clients that we hold full rights on the content it makes or the Digital products that it creates until the final payment. A client cannot claim it to be his digital product until he clears all the dues and pays the set amount as per the contract. In any case or in any point of time, if the client breaches the contract or breaks the service, then please know that you cannot claim the product or use it in any way unless the dues are cleared. As much as we keep the client safety and security in mind, we have to protect our right too. As per the rules and regulations of the Intellectual Property Rights in India, any creativity that we put in a Digital Product is our right unless if the norms of the contract decided between the client and our company are not met. You will have the full authority to use the service once the final amount is paid to us.

Another point that we would like to bring to our client’s notice is that in case of a delay in paying the amount, we offer a maximum of 180 Days to clear the dues. In case of a failure or non-payment of any of the service used or digital products created, Zoptal Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will take over and will have the right to sell to a buyer without giving any prior notice. Keeping our client needs in mind, we understand sometimes there can be delays sometimes which is why we offer a total of 180 Days to clear the dues. We are here to support you at all times during the bond that we create while maintaining professional relationships. We look forward to fulfil the requirements and interest of our clients and its stands our priority to make our clients happy and satisfied. By keeping the security of the client and our company both as the center of the contract we try to stay as much just and fair as possible so that both can benefit equally without worrying for any malfunction along the way. We strongly believe that your success is our success which is why for us each project no matter how big or small is dear to us and we work on it ardently to fetch more than expected results. We work 10 steps ahead, which is why we have a reputation in the market and business spread worldwide where we share strong connections with our overseas clients and are well-known for our services.

Please know!

We advise our clients and users to thoroughly go through our privacy policy to know what they can expect from our Company. Also, as per the needs and demands of the present times, our Privacy Policy can change as and when required. We request our clients and users to keep a check on our Privacy Policy page that is published on our website as we can make changes to it without giving any prior notice. So we request our connections and links that before getting services from us to regularly check our policies. We strive for the best and also expect our clients to understand the needs and demands of the Digital Marketing world. Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing each and every aspect of how people search and shop online today. Each website is unique, and each idea has the potential to conquer the world if it has the right people working for it. If you have an idea and are looking to set an impact, then we are the people for you.