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Get to know the pillars of our team who work hard for bringing the best of the best to the table catering the needs of our clients and revolutionising the Digital World ever since!

Eshan Cheema

Director & CEO

He is a man who is virtuous and works with keen eyesight. Nothing when it comes to work can surpass his level of creativity. The CEO of the company who started Zoptal as a small venture in the year 2016 has now become a Business Firm that provides all Digital Marketing Solutions under its roof.

He is a simple man who truly believes that “action speaks louder than words”. His core qualities:

  • Active 24/7
  • Communication on point!
  • Vigorous & Valorous
  • Decision Maker
  • Supportive
  • Keeps the Team Together
  • Decision Maker

Mr Eshan Cheema is all here to listen for your help where his team assures that no stone is left unturned, delivering only the best!

Puneesh Goyal

Managing Director

It can be rightly said that it is Mr Puneesh Goyal, the Managing Director of Zoptal, who has the reigns of Zoptal in his hands, assuring Quality and Timely Delivery every step of the way. Nothing can slip his eagle’s eye! A mastermind with a quality of being nimble at what he does that brings the best in him and as well of the Zoptal Team. He keeps boosting his team to stay motivated and present new ideas to beat the competition every single time! His assets include:

  • Punctuality runs in his veins!
  • Works to Achieve Perfection
  • Adroit and Perky
  • Work is his Virtue
  • Always Available for you
  • Shy & Soft-hearted

As much as keen he is to serve the best, as much is the drive that he gets to give his 100 %.

Sunil Kumar Yadav, aka Skyray


Mr Sunil Kumar Yadav, CFO at Zoptal, is an all-rounder and is not around to be messed with as he is a person for whom work is his priority. Skyray; as people like to call him is that silver lining that keeps the company moving forward. The world of Digital Media is ambiguous and, to keep innovating something new out of the ordinary is no joke! When there comes a bump in the working, Skyray is all up and running!

What makes him Skyray?

  • Packed with ideas
  • Never Give Up Attitude
  • Critical Strategist
  • All-rounder in the true sense
  • Tactical & Sharp

To sum it up, we can say he is the powerhouse of Zoptal!

Sunil Yadav

Sia Chandan

HR Manager

Ms Sia Chandan is our gem! Human Resource Manager, Ms Chandan has always managed to assure complete harmony at the office. Her problem-solving capabilities are unmatched and phenomenal. She is an all rounder and is known for her multi-tasking skills at the office. Often times she leaves us perplexed with the way she manoeuvres her work and still manages to keep a smile on the most hectic days. Zoptal is growing and, that requires a team which stays put at all times where they are ready to work and deliver projects promptly. The qualities that best describes her:

  • Adroit & Sharp
  • Eye for finding diamonds in the rough
  • Enthusiastic & Cheerful
  • Quick Decision making Skills
  • Communication on point!
  • An Inspiring Personality

It requires an HR to recruit able men and take care of the formalities without leaving loopholes behind. We are proud to have Ms Chandan taking care of the HR Department.


Zoptal as a company, proud to have such an amazing team to fulfill every client’s requirements according to their niche. We combine design, strategy, advertising, and digital services to solve problems and create something that our client’s really looking for.

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